Four trends shaping the future of tourism

August 12, 2022
Travel Tips

Understanding the modern-day business and leisure traveller

It goes with saying that travel has changed forever. But even before the global health crisis turned the world on its head, the tourism industry was witnessing new travel trends to fit the needs of modern-day travellers. From technology and staycations to design and personalisation, travellers are demanding simplicity and convenience rather than over-the-top luxury and impractical amenities.

Today's business and leisure travellers are tech-savvy and want to be constantly connected to their work and personal life. They expect an efficient and streamlined hotel experience and instant connectivity to high-speed WiFi. They would also prefer to skip tedious check-ins, physical room keycards and sorting through cash or entering a pin on their way out. We hear you! That's why at Home Suite Hotels, we embrace technology. Our guests can expect contactless payments, check-in and mobile keycard (JustIN app), plus super-fast fibre WiFi in every corner.

Choosing a staycation rather than travelling abroad has become a popular choice for travellers wanting a hassle-free vacation without travel restrictions. Some holidaymakers may also stay closer to home for financial or environmental reasons. We're lucky to live in a beautiful country, so we don't have to go far for a lekker getaway. There are tons of places to see and things to do right in your backyard. From Cape Town's endless sandy beaches and magnificent nature to Jozi's diversity and cool urban vibe, there's no place like home.

Like it or not, modern travellers love snapping pics to post on social media. As such, hotels have needed to step up and pay attention to their design, decor and insta-worthy backdrops. With this in mind, we have plenty of killer spots at our hotels to keep your feed swoon-worthy for days. Each stand-alone property is uniquely modern, unashamedly stylish with clean lines, pops of bright colours and curated local artwork.

Modern travellers tend to lean towards hotels where they are recognised and treated as individuals. Gone are the days when it's acceptable that hotel staff don't remember your name or how you take your coffee. Personalisation is the name of the game, and from the moment of booking to arrival to checkout, they expect a curated experience. With Home Suite Hotels' unique range of tailor-made Suite Spots – pooch-friendly policy, rooftop bar, work-from-everywhere facilities, gym partnership – you get to choose how to live your stay with us. Check out Bristol and The Quarter and enjoy the future of hospitality now.

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