Our Pooch-Friendly Policy

As a pet-friendly hotel, we're excited to welcome your furry friend, before you arrive please ensure you are up-to-date and aware of our full pet policy.

  1. We only welcome well-behaved and friendly pets.
  2. Please ensure that your pet is de-flea-ed and up to date on all its vaccinations.
  3. We allow one pet per room.
  4. Our pet room rates are R250 per pet per night.
  5. Pets are not permitted on beds or furniture, we provide comfy doggie beds for your pet to sleep on.
  6. While we love your pets as much as you do, not all our guests are fans – please keep your pet as quiet as possible and make use of the outside hangout areas when they need to go! (Please do clean up after them)
  7. You are liable for any damage caused by your pets to hotel property during your stay.
  8. Guests are liable for the health, safety and welfare of their pet at all times.

The most recent version of this policy is dated May 2021. 

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